Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diablo's Cantina

Diablo's Cantina, located in front of the Monte Carlo on The Strip is a guaranteed sure thing when it comes to having fun!  So much so, you just might not remember it all the next day ;)

A visit to Diablo's leaves very little lacking...  Let's see, where shall I begin?
How about the TACOS!  Or maybe, tacos and beer.  Or better yet, tacos and beer and hot waitresses.  And not to forget their super Wheel O' Sin, which, during happy hour, gets a spin every 30 minutes to reveal a new drink special.  

Along with their absolutely fabulous happy hour specials, their menu is full of tempting and tasty dishes... anything from tacos, enchiladas and fajitas, to burgers and buffalo wings.  Diablo's is also home to the Death Wing challenge (20 wings spiced with ghost chilis), as well as the Ultimate 4lb Burrito challenge.  Put any one of these meals along side the Cantina's specialty drink, The Chupacabra (which consists of tequila, ginger soda, slices of fresh jalapeno and a chili-salt rim) and you've got MMM MMM good!  And the best thing about the Chupacabra (besides it's spicy, yet refreshing taste) is that not only can you buy a glass of it, you can get an entire pitcher!  The same is the case for several of the bar menu items.

Visit Diablo's if ever you have the opportunity.  All around good times! ~

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  1. Yummy I had the steak tacos =)They were deeelish !